photo-eye - "Atomic Playground" - (Santa Fe, NM)

Guatemala Museum of Modern Art - "GuatePhoto Festival 2015 - Open Call Top 15" (Guatmela City, Guatemala)

United Nations Headquarters - General Assembly - (New York, NY)

United Nations “World Peace: Art Against Nuclear Testing” - (Vienna, Austria)

MNAC Bucharest (National Museum of Contemporary Art) - ‘Der Wanderer’ - (Bucharest, Romania)

Venice Arts “Destruction is My Muse” - (Venice, CA)

BredaPhoto - ‘Der Wanderer’ @ MOTI (Museum of the Image) ­ (Netherlands)

College of William & Mary - “Breaking Ground : Contemporary Photography” - (Williamsburg, VA)

Photolucida's Critical Mass Top 50 Show
Houston Center for Photography (Houston, TX)
Cordon | Potts Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

SQUARE Gallery @ Birmingham City University (Birmingham, UK)
Galerie le Carré d'Art ­- Square au carré ­ (Rennes, France)

Chungking Studio "Fact +Friction" MOPLA Event (Los Angeles, CA)

Wall-Space Gallery (Santa Barbara, CA)

Arena1 Gallery "Alternate Realities" (Santa Monica, CA)

Smithsonian's National Atomic Testing Museum (Las Vegas, NV) : SEPTEMBER 2013- JANUARY 2014

Photo LA "Emerging Focus" (Los Angeles, CA) 2013 & 2014

Hangar Gallery "Myths" MOPLA Event (Santa Monica, CA)

United Nations (Vienna, Austria)
PHOTOSTOCK 2014 (Harbour Springs, MI)
Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA)
Photography for Educators - Contemporary Inspirations Panel @ Columbia University (NY)
Wall Space Gallery (Santa Barbara, CA)
Open Show LA @ Venice Arts (Venice, CA)

FALLOUT (Atomic Overlook's viral journey):

“Atomic Overlook” is a series of photomontages that blend 1950’s atomic bomb tests with 21st century tourism. On the surface this series seeks to remind us of the ongoing nuclear threat, yet beyond the sensational juxtapositions there are many other layers of meaning. Concepts of voyeurism, catastrophe as spectacle, desensitization to media, pollution, technology, tourism and the frustration of global issues beyond our control are all implied within the photos. It is this complex mix of art and social issues infused with dark humor that helped “Atomic Overlook” go “viral” online in 2012. The series was initially featured on the fine art blog Lenscratch.com and soon began to spread worldwide. At first only a handful of art and photography blogs re-posted the images, but the web hits steadily increased and soon technology and mass media blogs such as Wired Online and Gizmodo featured the series. That seemed to be the tipping point when it was seemingly washed into the mainstream news cycle. The European media were the most interested and the series was published in newspapers across Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and the UK.  Web searches also revealed that the series was even published, without permission, in the print and web editions of Pakistan’s The Nation. Additional, more considerate attention was given by the CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization), based out of of the United Nations in Vienna, by acknowledging the series in their newsletter. Esquire Russia and Germany’s um[laut] magazine both published multi-page spreads of the series in 2012 and the buzz continues to resonate. “Atomic Overlook” has since garnished the attentions of the fine art world and was shown at PhotoLA, honored as Top 50 in Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2013, Klompching Gallery’s FRESH 2013 Exhibition and Top 15 for GuatePhoto 2015. Images from the series continue to be exhbitied throughout Europe while some have been used as album cover art and book covers. The greatest success comes from the work being invited to be shown at the United Nations in Vienna and the UN Headquarters in New York as part of the 2015 General Assembly.

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